Athlete. Competitor. Leader.

Olympic Bronze Medallist. Dual Olympian. 3 x Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist.
Anabelle Smith has competed on the Australian Diving Team for the past 13 years. She is a passionate all round sports lover. Anabelle spreads her energy and experiences through motivational speaking and is currently helping shape Australia's sporting future on the inaugural AIS Athlete Advisory Committee.


Passion. Persistence. Perseverance.

I was born a competitor

I grew up a sport obsessed kid and loved playing outside with a ball or bouncing on the trampoline. With energy and enthusiasm, I tried everything from netball to acrobatics and could name every player in the AFL.

My Olympic dream was ignited as a 7-year-old, after watching Cathy Freeman win Gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. I knew I wanted to wear the green and gold one day, but I wasn't sure which sport would get me there.

I first tried diving when I was 12 years old, and within 2 years began training up to 30 hours a week in pursuit of excellence. I thrived in the challenging environment as a junior, and put all my focus and passion into chasing my Olympic dream. 

In 2012, that dream became reality. I was presented with my debut Olympic Blazer at the London Olympic Games, where I had the absolute experience of a lifetime.


 Fast forward 4 years to Rio and the moment I most proudly cherish –being presented with an Olympic Bronze Medal, next to my 3m synchro partner, Maddison Keeney. 

My journey to success has been far from easy, with many personal challenges along the way. However, I firmly believe that my struggles have shaped me into the resilient athlete and empathetic person I have become.



Thank you for helping me chase my dreams, for believing in me and my values.
Authenticity | Wellness | Family | Adventure

Thank you to Diving Australia, Diving Victoria, and the Victorian Institute of Sport for supporting my career.


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